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All Dug Battlefield and camp relics have been recovered from private property with owner's permission.

Civil War Shot and Shell Relics
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Richard F. Bowers was born in 1828 in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. He would enlist in Philadelphia at the age of 33, and at the time of his enlistment, his occupation was a leather finisher. He mustered into Company E 90th Pennsylvania on December 19, 1861. He was described as having a light complexion, brown eyes, gray hair, and stood 5'8" tall. During his time in Culpeper in the 1863/64 winter camps, he reenlisted on February 16, 1864. He was captured and taken prisoner during the Battle of Globe Tavern (Weldon Railroad) on August 19, 1864. Bowers was paroled and transferred to Company A 11th Pennsylvania and mustered out June 9, 1865, by General Order. He would apply for a pension in October 1891 and die in Philadelphia in April 1894.