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All Dug Battlefield and camp relics have been recovered from private property with owner's permission.

Civil War Shot and Shell Relics
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Extremely Rare!-CSA Tongue Disc-Believed To Be For North Carolina Troops-Recovered Winchester, VA-Refer Plate 062,063 Mullinax CS Belt Buckles and Plates Expanded Edition  



NY Belt Plate Very Cool! New York Waist Belt Plate-79mm x 47mm-The Tongue Is Broken As Seen In The Photos-Recovered Seven Pines-Pictured On Page 13 Vol. 3 Issue 3 American Digger Magazine Right Above Plate PB73 Below



Virginia Sword Belt Plate-It Is Bent and Has Some Cracks As Seen In The Pictures-But Still A Very Cool Plate-Plate Is Still Solid-Tongue Still Present-51mm Tall-Pictured In Volume 13 Issue 3 American Digger Magazine- Recovered Charles City, VA



GA Frame C.S. Beveled Edge Georgia Frame Buckle-This Is The Thicker Of The Beveled Frame Buckles-Mostly Found In Georgia Camps-57mm x 70mm-Recovered Varina, VA In A Georgia Camp



CS Breckinridge Belt Plate Can't Get Much Better Than This! C.S. Breckinridge Style Belt Plate-Rock Solid Provenance-88mm x 59mm-Published In Western & Eastern Treasures Magazine Best Finds Issue Pg.35-Also Treasure Depot's Top Finds Of 2008-Plus A Picture Of The Digger With The Plate When He Recovered It-All Accompany This Plate-Recovered Okolona, MS



Not Sure I Have Seen Another One Like This CS Clip Corner Belt Plate Made Out Of Copper w/ Silvered Company Number 5 Punched Through The Center-82mm x 59mm-Recovered Mitchells Station, VA



Super Nice Exaggerated Sherifs Virginia Style CS Tongue and Wreath-Slick Green Patina-Nice Curve To The Buckle-83mm x 47mm and Wreath Height is 48mm-Beautiful Buckle!-Recovered Fredericksburg



U.S. M1851 Sword Belt Plate-Missing NIckle-Silver Wreath-NIce Patina and Great Provinence-Recovered The Wilderness Cavalry Engagement



Very Cool U.S. 1851 Pattern Waist Belt Plate-NIce Brown Patina-53x85mm-Small Dent on Right Side and Nickel-Silver Wreath MIssing-Recovered Chancellorsville in 1936



U.S. Breast Plate-65mm-Stamped W.H. SMITH BROOKLYN On The Back-All W.H. Smith Marked Plates Were Struck From The Same Die-It Is My Belief As Well As Others This Is A Struck Plate-Due To The Lead On The Back Not Being Flaked Off-Also The Shape Of The Dent-Recovered Atlanta



Wonderfu U.S. Cartridge Box Plate-85mm x 54mm-Both Loops Present on Back-The Digger Applied a Coating on the Back-Recovered U.S. Ford Chancellorsville



Carbine Sling Buckle w/ Batwing Belt Tip-Found Together By Ron Stonelake Stevensburg, VA 



U.S. Cartridge Box Plate-No loops-Slight Lead Loss-55mm x 85mm-Recovered By Ron Stonelake At Strasburg, VA-Marked Strasburg 3/16/97 ST-10






U.S. Breast Plate-No Hooks-Nice Plate w/ Brown and Slight green Patina-Recovered At Shiloh, TN